Area C1 Spring Contest

Our Area C1 Division 95 Spring Contest was held on Saturday, the 18th of April in Rostock. The winners are:

English Speech Contest:

  1. Friederike Galland
  2. Violetta Pleshakova
  3. Henk De Bruyn

English Evaluation Contest:

  1. Friederike Galland
  2. Khushi Pasquale

German Speeches:

  1. Martin Bering
  2. Andrej Laue
  3. Friederike Galland

German Evaluation:

  1. Andrej Laue
  2. Steffen Pic

Congratulations to all the participants!

Friederike, Violetta, and Khushi will represent Mercury at the Division Contest this Saturday, the 25th of April (click here for the agenda). Thank you ladies!


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