Evaluation Workshop@Mercury

Last Wednesday our VP Education, Wendy, held a wonderful workshop on evaluation. She led us on our journey to become Evaluation Mavens.

After a quiz, she told us about the three levels of listening. When entering the evaluator skin, we need to be a type three listener. This means listening fully and creating empathy with the speaker.

Afterwards, she presented the Evaluation Maven Manifesto 2.0, created by Rodney Denno, coach, trainer and founder of EWOL Training & Development. Basically, it is a set of suggestions and guidelines on how to create and structure an evaluation.

Throughout the workshop we had, of course, some practical exercises. First, we did an exercise on listening. Second, we listened to Prateek‘s and Frederike‘s speeches. Renko, Petronela, Prateek, and I evaluated a speech and afterwards received feedback on our evaluations from all the participants. Each of us could choose the evaluation technique we wanted. In my evaluation, I used the COD (Content, Organization, Delivery) technique, and this definitely helped me gather my evaluation points more easily.

Here is wonderful handout that Wendy prepared for us.

Hearty thanks to Wendy for preparing and delivering such an amazing and rich workshop!

Lesson learned: Too many 🙂 … but my prefered one is: Become a type three listener!


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