The One Step

On the 8th of October, we had another wonderful evening with three great speeches: two Icebreakers and a CC#3 speech.

Sunder told us about his three loves. The first love is his mother, who used to read books to him when he was a child. He was soon occupied with reading books by himself, books that captivated his imagination. His second love is mathematics and solving math puzzles. It was no surprise to his family when he decided to work in the software industry. This brought him closer to his third love, namely traveling: from Sydney to Miami or from Iceland to Singapore he saw and lived in different places around the globe.

Arek introduced himself as a nerd, a friend of numbers, and a software engineer. Moreover, he is a happy husband and father of two lovely children. Afterwards, he spoke about his passion for creative cooking and football as a goalkeeper. Even if he entitled his speech, “I Prefer not to Give this Speech”, he admitted at the end that public speaking is not so scary with an audience like us.

Mounia entitled her speech “The One Step” and immediately gained our attention by opening her speech with the question: “Have you ever been in a situation when you wanted to do something, but somehow for no reason, something prevented you from that?” She told us about her wish to go sky diving, but she always found a reason not to do it: “I do not want to do it alone. … etc. etc.”. One day, she decided that she would do it no matter what. Her one step was this commitment to herself. After some other obstacles, like rain or missing the train to the field, she finally did it. She succeeded because her commitment to herself was much stronger. She told us that if we want to achieve something, we have to believe it, to commit ourselves. From there on magic will make it happen.

Word of the Day: ersatz, which is a substitute, an article used to replace something natural or genuine. E.g. I brought my handkerchief and I can use it as an ersatz for a bandage.

Lesson Learned: Software engineers are great speakers 🙂


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